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All wallpapers are saved in a tree structure. You can drag and drop wallpapers from one category to another. Unchecked wallpapers will not be included when a random wallpaper is chosen.
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You can directly preview the files that you want to add in the preview pane of the open file dialog.
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The program sits in the system tray when minimized. Tip: click "Select Current" if you want to make changes to the last set wallpaper (like the wallpaper position: center, tile, stretch ...).
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Preview, select and then download the wallpapers to your list.
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Save multiple wallpapers lists.
User friendly interface.
Automatically changes your desktop wallpaper at predefined intervals or at Windows™ startup.
Directly download wallpapers from our server from within the program.
All wallpapers are saved in a tree structure.
Display the current date on your Desktop.
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