Are you tired of looking at that same desktop wallpaper day after day? Are you sick of changing your desktop wallpaper again and again? Have you ever thought of a way to make it change automatically at predefined intervals? Bee Wallpapers will do that for you! Let Bee Wallpapers put the buzz into your desktop!
Bee Wallpapers is a wallpaper randomizer program. Choose from thousands of wallpapers and directly download them from within the program. Then choose how often you want to see your wallpaper change, and let Bee Wallpapers take care of the rest!
Members can choose from thousands of wallpapers to download from within the program, directly adding them to the randomizer list. We add wallpapers to our online collection on a regular basis. So you'll always have something new with just a single click from within the program.
User friendly interface.
Automatically changes your desktop wallpaper at predefined intervals or at Windows™ startup.
Directly download wallpapers from our server from within the program.
All wallpapers are saved in a tree structure.
Display the current date on your Desktop.
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